Mobile, Digital, & Legal Copy Services

USA Express uses the latest mobile copy scanning hardware and is able to produce records in a variety of preferred formats. We provide forms that can be downloaded from our website 24/7, CD's, printed copy, or any combination.

How Our Legal Copy Services Work


Mobile, Digital, & Legal Copy Services

USA Express is a nationwide leader in electronic document imaging and other legal copy services. We use the most efficient mobile copy scanners to produce digital documents. We can then convert your documents into digital formats. Your images can be printed out; saved on a CD; stored onto a DVD; or other magnetic formats.

Document Retrieval

USA Express is the proven nationwide leader in record retrieval. We provide outstanding performance. We offer superb customer service and state of the art technology. We retrieve documents that are not available electronically from any court or agency in the United States or internationally. USA Express Document Retrieval & Legal Copy Services team can secure your requested documents.

Deposition Officer

Should you decide to prepare and issue your own subpoenas, we are compliant with all CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE SECTION 2020.410-2020.440  to be your complete deposition officer center.

Our extensive understanding of Discovery Law and HIPAA requirements allows USA Express to 
follow a well-defined process to provide timely records in a variety of formats. Our capabilities include:

  • Medical & Employment Records by Authorization
  • We will Prepare and Issue Subpoenas to Retrieve Records
  • We will Prepare and Issue Notice to Consumer in a Timely Manner
  • On Site X-Ray Duplication
  • Color Copies and Surgical Photos
  • Special Tabbing
  • Medical Transcription
  • Workers Compensation Records Retrieval
We are a licensed, bonded, and insured legal photocopier.

USA Express is a nationwide expert in legal and medical discovery services. With the capability to subpoena and authorize reproduction services, we can obtain almost all records. We pride ourselves on being the most reliable provider of legal copy services and mobile copy solutions.

On-Site Photocopying

If your requested documents cannot be removed, USA Express can handle on-site copying. Our team can serve all of Los Angeles and neighboring counties and our network of trusted associates can reach worldwide. We can also provide Off-Site Photocopying services.


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