E-records & Document Recording Services

We offer e-recording services from the county recorders’ office.


E-Filing & Document Filing

What is E-Recording?

E-recording involves securely recording documents electronically that could also be sent by mail or courier. It is also known as Document Recording.

E-record Services

Your first step is to e-mail us the document that has been digitally issued.

If the document has been physically issued, it must be mailed to us for digitization before the e-recording process. The entire document, including notary seals, must be legible and easy to read. All signatures should include clearly printed names.

Don’t forget to proofread the document for accuracy. We cannot recall or cancel the documents once they are summited to the County.

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E-record Costs

How much does it cost?

We charge the following:

$55 + Any fees by the county recorders office

The county recorders office has an additional fee not covered by us.

E-Recording with USA Express will help you reduce the risk of tampering, document loss, delayed recording, and help you be efficient.

USA Express works with attorneys and law firms across California and is a court-approved filing service provider.


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