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Harry Kazakian, president of and USA Express Legal and Investigative Services, which provide background check services and investigations to hundreds of companies across the country joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Harry Kazakian discuss the following:

  1. I suppose the first question should be: Why are pre-employment background checks important?
  2. There are a lot of entrepreneurs and start-ups out there who don’t have much experience in hiring. Hiring managers can review the resumes, but that never tells the whole story. What should be included in a pre-employment background check? And why? What are some of the limitations to background checks? Can the rules can vary from state to state?
  3. I know a lot of hiring managers are tempted to turn to companies who outsource their background checks to people in other countries. How reliable are those results and what could potentially go wrong? Where are the weaknesses in those kinds of checks and how do ill-intentioned people take advantage of those?
  4. What qualifications and qualities should hiring managers look for when they are deciding who they choose to conduct their background checks?
  5. What should a thorough pre-employment background check look like? What should a hiring manager expect to be provided? Does that change depending on whether, say, the new hire is an Uber driver, or a CFO, or senior care nurse? What kinds of issues have you uncovered before – and what did that mean for your client?

Harry Kazakian, a licensed private investigator, helps businesses screen prospective employees and avoid making poor hiring decisions. His private investigation services have helped thousands of attorneys win their cases.

Mr. Kazakian’s accident scene investigations, which maximize potential recovery for his clients, have earned him the reputation of being one of the most sought-after investigators in California. His expertise in insurance claims and investigations in criminal and civil matters has resulted in him being invited to write articles for publications such as Forbes Magazine and serve as a guest speaker at numerous workshops and seminars.

Mr. Kazakian has also provided investigations training to The Automobile Club of Southern California employee investigators.

His experience as a Los Angeles County EMT/Paramedic, gained extensive knowledge in emergency medicine and treatment, including traumatic brain injury. As a former claims adjuster, Mr. Kazakian became an expert witness in insurance claims and coverage. He was part of a special investigations unit at a well-known liability carrier in the 1990s. He has over 30 years of experience investigating and settling high exposure complex cases, including insurance coverage & bad faith consulting, as well as testifying.

Mr. Kazakian’s track record also includes mediating over 4,000 cases and testifying for his investigations. This experience has, in turn, helped him understand what mediators, arbitrators, and claims adjusters are looking for when evaluating a case. His combined experience of 30 years in litigation support, claims management and handling assignments for the legal industry, corporate entities, and insurance companies makes him uniquely qualified to take on personal injury and wrongful death investigations. Mr. Kazakian was recently in the news for investigating unjustified police shooting cases.

USA Express Legal and Investigative Services Inc. has a rigorous and stringent level of screening for the investigators and claim adjusters they hire. Mr. Kazakian’s team has successfully defended different types of corporations in a variety of matters from workers’ compensation cases, civil lawsuits, and high-end lemon law cases recovering well over $20 million for clients. The team is fully-screened and properly trained to provide legal and defensible evidence to stand out in court and provide professional results with unquestionable testimony. Harry Kazakian owes his company’s success to hiring the right people, an effective training program, and positive relationships he’s built with satisfied clients over the last 30 years.