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Established in 1998, USA Express is a personal injury investigations and legal support services firm based in San Francisco.

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For almost thirty years, USA Express Investigations has been a prominent provider of high-quality investigative services in the San Francisco region. With Harry Kazakian, our esteemed lead investigator, at the helm, our company has positioned itself as a premier provider of reliable and exceptional investigative services in the San Francisco region. Our professional team, with diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, insurance claims, and fraud prevention, has the necessary experience to understand all facets of a legal case. We are committed to providing exceptional service at competitive rates, allowing you to concentrate on your law firm’s operations and growth. Our San Francisco-based investigators are always ready to assist you in achieving justice for your clients.

As members of CAOC, we provide continuous contributions to law firms in San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area cities every day.

At USA Express Investigations, our longstanding affiliation with CAOC (Consumer Attorneys of California) underscores our unwavering commitment to the success of law firms throughout San Francisco and its neighboring cities. By collaborating with these law firms, we actively contribute to their daily accomplishments and assist them in achieving the best possible results for their clients.

Our team of seasoned private investigators has a profound understanding of the distinct challenges and demands faced by law firms in this region. We offer thorough investigative services, supplying valuable insights and information to assist legal professionals in building robust cases, uncovering evidence, and revealing pivotal details that can be game-changing.

Beyond our investigative expertise, we pride ourselves on cultivating strong relationships with local law firms, participating in CAOC conferences, and engaging in continuous professional growth. These partnerships not only bolster our network but also keep us at the leading edge of industry developments and best practices.

Choose USA Express Investigations and join the myriad of law firms in San Francisco and the Bay Area that have benefitted from our consistent support, dedication, and superior investigative and legal support services. Together, we can strive for a brighter future for the legal community and the clients we serve.

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